“The insight Germain APM brings to our team is truly outstanding: Germain helps us ensure almost 100 percent uptime for our mission-critical application.” N. Ravishanker, CIO, TataSky

About Germain Software

As the leader in in end-to-end business applications monitoring solutions, Germain Monitoring™ Software:

  • Reduces risks of downtime, improve performance and accelerate resolution by pro-actively identify and resolving issues, and performance quick diagnosis and deep root cause analysis
  • Reduces support costs by quickly identifying root causes of production problems, and pro-actively detecting and diagnosing issues before end-users contact the help desk
  • Increases end-user adoption by monitoring user experience, service level agreements, and improve responsiveness to user issues
  • Minimizes implementation and upgrade costs and timelines by accurately profiling new releases and customizations and identifying root-cause(s) of performance issues, errors, and memory leaks before production